Marxism and the Family

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  • Marxism & the Family
    • Engels
      • Believed the TNF and marriage were created by the capitalist to ensure that their legitimate heirs could inherit their goods. In the past there was polygamy and communally owned means of production
        • Goes against Functionalist Murdock's theory of the TNF evolving naturally to meet societal needs
    • Althusser
      • Believed the TNF is a ideological state apparatus instil capitalist norms and values into the proletariat. It mirrors capitalist society and socialises the proletariat into a false class consiousness
        • TNF is based on power inequality the breadwinner father holds the economic power over the majority, mother and children
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    • Zaretsky
      • Believed that the TNF acts as an 'ideological haven' acting as a private sphere for the proletariat to relax himself after a stressful day of being exploited by the bourgeoisie stopping them from revolting against the capitalist
        • Similar to Functionalist Parsons' 'warm bath theory' but less idealistic
        • Theory has become outdated as the primary nature of work has changed from dehumanising factory assembly work to jobs in the service sector due to deindustrialisation
        • Feminists believe the TNF isn't an ideological haven for women who encounter the dark side of the family (****, domestic abuse etc.) And that the family is only a refuge as the expense of womens' hard work and labour
        • Romantisises the family without considering conflict within it
    • Unit of consumption
      • Marxists view the family as a unit of consumption. The capitalists advertise products that aren't needed like family cars and holidays
        • They also advertise to children because they have 'pester-power' they can pester their parents to buy them things that they don't really need.
        • Deterministic to assume people buy things just because it is marketed to them by the capitalist


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