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  • Marx
    • believed that working class suffer from false class consciousness
      • unaware of the exploitation that they experience
    • social institutions fool working class
      • working class think they are getting a fair deal
        • status position is natural and therefore unchangeable
    • The ruling class are seen to be acting for the benefit of society
      • and the working class accept and share this view
        • due to the influence that the Superstructure has on the public.
  • Althusser
    • structural view of society
    • criticises Marx for his economic deterministic beliefs
      • society is based on three interlocking systems that drive capitalism forward.
    • Interlocking systems
      • Economic system
        • Produce all material goods
      • Political system
        • Organises society, passes laws and provides leadership.
      • Ideological system
        • Provides all the ideas and belief systems that are followed by the population.
  • Gramsci
    • ‘Humanistic Marxist’
    • proletariat can influence social change through developing their own ‘hegemony’
      • rather than waiting for economic changes that Marx referred to.
    • proletariat would construct a ‘counter-hegemony’
      • alternative way of life to the capitalist state.
    • only way for revolution is by winning the hearts and minds of the proletariat and give them something to believe in.?


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