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  • Isolation
    • A Streetcar Named Desire
      • Blanche is  mentally isolated - she is different because all other characters appear to be mentally stable, whereas she is not.
      • Blanche is also physically isolated as she is in a new environment and used to an entirely different background.
    • Marginalisation
      • Inferior
        • Othello
          • Desdemona is dominated by Othello - she obeys his every command to please him because that is what is expected of her.
          • At the time, women were seen as inferior to men - all 3 women in the play are examples of this.
          • Emilia is inferior to her husband Iago - he does not value her and she, like Desdemona, is expected to obey his commands.
          • Bianca is not valued by any of the men - she is viewed as a prostitute and therefore not worthy. She also doesn't belong to the domestic world of the other female characters.
        • A Streetcar Named Desire
          • Blanche is inferior to Stanley - he gets away with **** and sending her to a mental asylum because he is male and therefore more dominant.
          • Stella can be considered inferior to Stanley because he clearly has more control in the relationship. He hits Stella and she still comes back
          • The symbolism of the prostitute could be considered a representation of inferiority too.
        • The Great Gatsby
          • Daisy is inferior to Tom, he can have affairs with other women but Daisy is expected to be faithful to him.
      • Male Dominance
        • The Great Gatsby
          • When Tom hits Myrtle, he is presenting his dominance and power over her and she cannot fight back.
          • Tom is allowed to have affairs behind Daisy's back but Daisy is forbidden to ever be unfaithful to Tom.
          • Daisy has conformed into a standard relationship with a man at this time - this is why she complains and hopes her daughter becomes a fool.
        • Othello
          • Iago has power over Emilia because he controls what she does - she strives to please Iago and in the end he represents his power by killing her.
          • Othello dominates Desdemona because he controls her and ensures she does what he asks - he makes sure she is obedient.
        • A Streetcar Named Desire
          • When Stanley ****s Blanche, it is the ultimate portrayal of his dominance over her - she is vulnerable and unable to fight back because she is female.
          • When Stanley hits Stella, she goes straight back because she feels she has to and he is financial and moral support for her.
    • The Great Gatsby
      • Daisy is mentally isolated because she feels as though she can't live Tom, without him she has no financial or moral support so although they don't share true love, it's all she has.
      • Myrtle is isolated by her husband, Wilson. Also through social class - she is not familiar with the way of life that Jordan and Daisy live.
    • Othello
      • Desdemona is isolated in her bedchamber - (Othello sends her to away).
      • Emilia is isolated because she isn't allowed to speak the truth without being punished and she is expected to be quiet.


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