Managing Trade

A Mind Map on how to manage imports and exports. This is part of Bridging the Development Gap in Unit 3, Congested Planet. 

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  • Managing Trade
    • Influencing Imports
      • Tarrifs are taxes that make imports more expensive and competitive
      • Quotas, that can limit the volume of imports
      • Exchange  Rates can make imports more expensive if they are lowered
      • The  formation of Trade Blocs
    • The WTO is a group of 148 member states who believe that Free Trade is important, and that Tariffs and Quotas should be Removed
    • Influencing Exports
      • Free Trade Zones (FTZs) or Export Processing Zones (EPZs)
      • Lower  Exchange Rates, to increase competitive Exports
      • Formation of  Trade Blocs
      • Incentives, such as financial help or tax reductions
    • Governments can set up Special Economic Zones (SEZs) to offer incentives for foreign companies. China has set these up, as as a result has gained access to all Global Markets


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