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  • Making a Case
    • Recognising faces
      • Frowed et al.
        • To investigate the recognisability of internal and external features.
      • Loftus et al.
        • To provide support for the 'weapon focus' effect when witnessing crime.
      • Fisher et al.
        • To test the cognitive interview in the field.
    • Interviewing suspects
      • Mann et al.
        • To test police officers' ability to detect suspects' lies.
      • Inbau et al.
        • 'Nine steps of interrogation'
      • Gudjonsson et al.
        • To document a case of the false confession of a youth.
    • Creating a profile
      • Canter et al.
        • To test the reliability of the organised/ disorganised typologies.
      • Canter and Heritage
        • To identify a behaviour pattern from similarities between offecnces
      • Canter
        • The case study of John Duffy - The Railway ******


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