Chemistry 1a

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  • making crude oil useful
    • fossil fuels
      • finite resources,non renewable
    • finite nature of crude oil problems
      • readily extractable resources used up in future
      • finding replacements
    • fractional distillation
      • oil that doesnt boil sinks at the bottom-bitumen (high boiling point
      • others with similar boiling points, boil and their gases rise upthe column
    • crude oil is a hydrocarbon
      • can be separated because hydrocarbons in different fractions have differently sized molecules
        • strong intermolecular forces=high boiling point
    • extracring crude oil problems
      • oil slickes-damaged birds' feathers and death
        • detergents used to clean damage wildlife
      • UK dependent on oil and gas from pollitically unstable countries
        • oil producing nations can set high prices
      • high demand for oil and its products
        • conflict between needs for making petrochemicals and fuels
    • Cracking
      • turns large alkane molecules into smaller alkane and alkene molecules
      • helps manufacturers match supply with demand for products like petrol


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