Macduff Revision

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  • Macduff
    • Macbeth:" Wake Duncan with thy knocking! I would thou couldst!"
      • Use of 2 exclamative phrases after each other.
        • Shows more evil in Macbeth's tone.
          • After Macbeth kills Duncan, he is like this.
            • Makes it clearer for Macduff to see.
        • His anger from evil is now showing after he has murdered Duncan.
    • Macduff:" Bleed, bleed poor country! Great Tyranny!"
      • Personification
        • Being very over the top.
          • Hyperbole.
      • Repeating exclamatives.
    • Macduff:" Hail,King of Scotland!"
      • Shows he now has power and leadership but is using it in the right way to promote Malcolm as king
        • Unlike Macbeth who just wanted to be king himself.
        • Malcom then speaks after this which are the last words of the script.
          • Malcolm has last words which shows he's now got the most power.


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