Macbeth's Character Summary

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  • ShakespeareMacbeth Character Summary
    • Macbeth
      • A tragic hero who's death was inevitably sealed when he first met the three witches with Banquo
      • Became Thane of Cawdor after the traitor was executed via king Duncan's commands
      • A fierce warrior and a brave one as described by the wounded captain in battle  "like a valors beast"
      • An ambitious warrior who's death was caused by his own accord
      • Was persuaded by his wife to murder king Duncan and take his "rightful" place in the throne
      • Had seen an "imaginary" dagger floating which further increased his faith in his wife's descisions
      • Was driven mad when he saw a ghost of Banquo on the dinner table
      • Is the thane of gleamis
      • Believed the three witche's prophecy about his future which played an important role on his demise
    • Lady Macbeth
      • Played an important role in king Duncan's demise
      • Once she had heard Macbeth'sstory on him hearing the witches, she became ambitious and willing to fulfil it
      • Once Macbeth had killed Duncan, she blamed her servants and managed to get away from it
      • She wanted to live a luxury life and to be a Queen
      • Once Macbeth had killed the king, she weren't feeling right and guilt was becoming to overwhelm her dramatically
      • She became very mad and became crazy
      • She couldn't bear the guilt and decided to end her own life
    • King Duncan
      • Was everyone's favourite and noble king
      • Had executed the previous "thane of cawdor"
      • He had granted Macbeth "thane of Cawdor" which fulfilled one of the witches prophecies
      • Was killed by Macbeth
      • He had praised Macbeth several times, "O, Valiant Macbeth"


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