Plot Summary

The Witches predict that Macbeth will be King, Macbeth kills the current king so that he can be King. Once Macbeth was a hero. Macbeth is the main character - protaganist. Good King Duncan was murdered by Macbeth. At the party Banquo appears to Macbeth as a ghost and tells Macbeth his fears. Later on in the play, the audience soon hear that Lady Macbeth commits suicide. There are seven definite murders during the play. Lady Macbeth can't control her uncontious mind. She sleep walks and talks. She tries to wash off the blood from her hands. 

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Which Powers

The witches have lots of different powers:

- Weather Power

- See into the future

- Control people

- Enjoy making bad things happen

- Hover / fly

- Talk to animals

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General Information

- The play is set in Scotland

- Macbeth is a lord. The word used for Lord in the play is 'Thain'.

- The Witches arrange to meet on a heath.

- Duncan is the name of the current king before Macbeth.

- Duncan rewards Macbeth with a new title. ' Thain of Cawdor'. 

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