Macbeth's character

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  • Macbeth
    • Brave
      • "Noble Macbeth"
        • Held in high esteem
        • Makes betrayal and downfall more tragic
      • Fights passionately
    • 1st protagonist to set out something he knows is completely wrong and is deeply conflicted by it
    • "..this even-handed justice commends th'ingredience of our own lips"
      • Directly acknoledgingdeadly consequence
    • Heavily influenced by wife
      • Unusual for era
      • Unusual for era
      • Driven by the desire to be perceived as manly
        • Lady Macbeth knows this and manipulates him frequently
          • "When thou durst do it, then you were a man"
          • Initially there is a level of equality but over time their relationship sours
            • "She should have died hereafter"
              • Begrudge her timing
              • Sees her as directly responsible
              • Resents her


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