macbeth spider diagram

learn about macbeth the easy way

dont stress about it to much as it's easier to learn with notes

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    • murderer
    • killed the king
    • killed Banquo
    • Banquo's son escaped
    • lady Macbeth telling Macbeth he's a weak coward
    • lady Macbeth came up with the death of Duncan
  • lady Macbeth commits suicide
    • Macbeth gets killed by Macduff
    • 3 witches predict Macbeth will be thane of glamis thane of Cawdor and the king
    • Macbeth kills people by stabbing them from the belly button to the chin
  • Macbeth never wanted to kill duncan
    • Macbeth begins to become paranoid
      • Macbeth has told others Duncan's ghost has appeared but he just looks crazy as no one else saw him


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