Macbeth - The Supernatural

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  • The Supernatural
    • Paragraph 5
      • "Out, out brief candle, Life's but a walking shadow"
        • Macbeth looks at the actions he has done throughout the play. All the blood-shed he has caused makes him feel depressed after killing his king, friend and other people out of his ambition.
      • "Out, damned spot! Out, I say"
        • Due to Lady Macbeth's guilt, caused by the supernatural prophecies making her ambition, she descends into madness. She cannot wash the guilt away as it lives with her forever.
      • Shakespeare's play responds to Jacobean society's genuine belief in the supernatural and seems to imply that Macbeth is influenced by evil spirits as all of their prophecies came true.
    • Paragraph 2
      • "Come you spirits, unsex me here"
        • Lady Macbeth calls upon the spritis to aid her, more specificly to be more man-like so she can commit regicide.
      • "Without the illness should attend it"
        • Lady Macbeth believes that Macbeth cannot fulfil his ambition because he is too good and she needs to change his mind using the supernatural.
      • Lady Macbeth calls upon the supernatural to help her to convince her husband to fulfil his ambition, as women couldn't do much in Jacobean times.
    • Paragraph 4
      • "Then live, Macduff, what need I fear of thee?"
        • The supernatural apparitions make him feel like he is invincible as his ambition overtakes his mind, causing erratic decisions.
      • "Shall Banquo's issue ever reign in this kingdom?"
        • Macbeth is still paranoid of Banquo's sons taking the throne from him, thanks to hearing Banquo's prophecy at the start of the play.
      • When Macbeth returns to see the witches, they reveal three more supernatural apparitions to him, making him feel like he is invincible and also behaving more irrationally.
    • Paragraph 1
      • "they kook not like th' inhabitants of the earth"
        • The witches are not human, suggesting that they are supernatural, making them powerful.
      • "fair is foul and foul is fair"
        • Paradoxical - how can good be bad and vice versa? Suggests that the witches are evil and mysterious.
      • At the beginning of the play, Shakespeare establishes a supernatural world with the tree witches, playing to Jacobean beliefs.
    • Paragraph 3
      • "Which of you have done this?"
        • Macbeth's ambition, due to the influence of the supernatural, is making him hallucinate due to his guilt of killing Banquo.
      • "Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown"
        • Macbeth is paranoid as he will not have an heir, so he wants to keep the throne as long as he can. He is afraid that someone else might take the throne because of the prophecies.
      • Due to the influence of the supernatural, Macbeth's ambition begins to spiral out of control; he begins to hallucinate and his paranoia drives his decision-making.


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