Macbeth- supernatural

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  • Macbeth- Supernatural
    • "fair is foul and foul is fair"
      • what seems to be good is bad- things aren't as they seem
      • the witches are warning us what will happen in the play
        • Macbeth is tempted by their predictions and cannot trust anything he hears or sees
      • the witches speak in rhythmic - chanting and spell like
      • Macbeth and his wife commit many foul deeds, which are fueled by the witches
      • Macbeth's life is about to be turned upside down
    • "is this a dagger which I see before me?"
      • the use of a question mark suggests that Macbeth is unsure of killing Duncan, unsure of the prophecies and unsure if the dagger is real
      • the dagger may also represent the throne: he sees it, yet cannot grasp it, when the dagger is grasped then so is the throne
        • neither brings happiness
      • shows the decay of Macbeth's mind; is this the supernatural? or his mind playing tricks?
        • the supernatural are trying to control Macveth's mind and lure him into evil- wherever the supernatural lies, evil follows
    • "for no man born of a women shall harm Macbeth"
      • one of the three apparitions- 'bloody child'
      • the witches never wated to suceed and  to see Macbeth become king, they follow throughout being evil and encouraging it
      • Macduff is the "bloody child" and can harm Macbeth, the witches trick Macbeth and make him think that he is invincable
    • Witches "vanish"
      • unnatural
      • audience would be scared
      • "thunder and lightening"
      • mystic
      • creates suspense
      • dark = trouble


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