Macbeth GCSE Guilt

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    • AT END
      • MB contrasts old self, reminds the aud. of 'Brave' + 'Noble' MB
        • after he realises the witches have tricked him he 'will not yield', MB would rather die a soldier's death than live and be humiliated
          • maybe finally realises what he has done
        • A03: considered noble to stand and fight, a brave soldier would
      • when facing Macduff => 'I have avoided thee... my soul is too much charged with blood of thine already' (MB had had his family killed)
        • could be showing regret? compassion? he still believes Macduff is of 'woman born'
    • Hallucinations
      • MB hallucinates daggers BEFORE killing D.
        • Could be his guilty conscience 'Is this a dagger which i see before me?'
        • could be sent by the witches who therefore are manipulating his fate
          • A03: a Jacobean society would have believed in the supernatural like witches
      • LMB hallucinates blood
        • She manipulates him by insulting his manhood and calling him coward 'art thou a man'
          • She is driven mad with guilt because of her role in the murder of Duncan so she too suffers the consequences
            • commits suicide in the end this could be foreshadowed in 'Blood will have blood' implying there will be consequences for their actions
        • she can't seem to get her hands clean 'out damned sot'
          • contrasts 'a little water clears us of this deed'
            • although at the time she is dominant and seems fully in control of her mind later on she loses control and is driven mad with guilt
    • A03: Regicide was the worst crime possible because the divine right of Kings... they are appointed by God


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