Hi i was wondering if you have these but for different characters. Please reply asap. Thank you


Hiya, I'm planning on doing some more notes on the other characters/themes from Macbeth as well as the other novels/plays that I study. Are there any in particular you're interested in? Thank you for your interest x


hi this is actually sooo good I've been looking for something like this thank u so much. Just wondering if you have any other notes on the other characters like Macbeth and also if you do any poetry stuff for AQA. Thanks again


@Tahmena - Hiya, thank you so much for your feedback, I'm glad it's helping you as much as it is for me. I'm planning on doing notes on the other characters of Macbeth as well as A Christmas Carol and An Inspector Calls. I will also be doing analysis' of the poems in the Power & Conflict cluster for AQA as well as comparisons. If there's anything specific you'd like then let me know and I'll try to get them done asap!


A really good resource, thanks and please do these for other characters of Macbeth and A Christmas Carol would be really helpful for me too. Suprisingly, I am sitting this exam with Edexcel but it is still really useful.


@jouneytosuccess please do these for the rest of the macbeth characters please


Thanks for sharing. :)






When are you doing more?


Thank you for all the support everyone! I'm glad it's helping you with your revision.


This is amazing, the quotes support each point perfectly! And the structure makes it really good for remembering for exams - which are coming up extremely quickly! Will your other Macbeth analyses be posted in time or not?


please can you do one on macbeths character that would be very helpful 


can you do them on the sign of the four and an inspector calls


My english exam board is Edexcel but I'm sure I can use this for revision as well even though it's AQA based right?


Wait nevermind ^


@Asianeyed - I'm glad you've found it useful! I'm sorry but I don't think I will be able to post the other analysis' before the exams since I'm only in Year 10 so I don't really need them yet. I'll try my best.

@catherinepritty - I will be doing them on all the characters/themes as well as context. Unfortunately, I do not study The Sign of Four but I'm sure you can find some great resources online! I will be doing An Inspector Calls later on.

@Akhi.w - Someone mentioned earlier that they found it useful despite being on the Edexcel board so I'm sure some parts will be of use to you.


this is so helpful, thank you


im gonna fail


We're all in this together~ Gonna fail too.

Btw, thanks for the notes. They're really detailed and helpful.

Chahat Shah

Amazing Notes! Thanks for sharing! Would love more notes on Macbeth, Jekyll and Hyde and An Inspector Calls please ** :)


@emmy18 - You're welcome :)

@Danyal19 - I'm sure you'll do fine

@AmiRevises - You're welcome and you will not fail, be confident :)

@Chahat Shah - No problem at all, I will be doing more soon for Macbeth and An Inspector calls except for Jekyll and Hyde as I don't study it unfortunately.

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