Macbeth character

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  • macbeth
    • key quotes
      • "brave Macbeth- well he deserves that name "
        • Bravery
      • "vaulting ambition"
        • ambition
      • "Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood clean from my hands"
        • Gulity
    • Brave hero?
      • Act 1
        • we hear of Macbeth and his great efforts in war before we see him
        • "valient" warrior
        • King Duncan names him thane of Cawdor as Macbeth has shown his loyalty to him
      • Act 5
        • Macbeth is killed on the battlefield by Macduff
        • he is clearly most comfortable on the battlefield as he doesnt have to worry about his guilt
        • he fights "bear like" even though he knows he is doomed
    • Brutal murderer
      • Duncan's murder
        • he is easily influenced by Lady Macbeth
        • ambition is stronger than morality
      • act 5
        • "Hell-hound"
        • "Ahorred tyrant"
        • violent ambition hes ruined all noble characteristics we saw at the start of the pay
    • Easily influenced
      • Lady Macbeth ( act 1 scene 7)
        • she bullies Macbeth to agree to the murder
        • Macbeth didnt want to murder Duncan
        • she convinces him by calling him a "coward" and "unmanly"
      • Supernatural
        • Act 1- immediately believes the witches where as Banquo has doubts
        • As the witches prophices become true he starts to rely on them more heavily
        • a dagger leads him to Duncans room


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