Mary I 1553-1558

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  • Mary I      1553-1558
    • 1553
      • 19th July- Lady Jane was deposed as Queen and Mary takes the crown.
    • 1554
      • 12th February- Lady Jane Grey is executed at the Tower of London under orders of Mary.
      • Wyatt's Rebellion
        • Protestant.
        • Led by Sir Thomas Wyatt the younger.
      • 18th March- Mary sends Princess Elizabeth to the Tower of London under suspicion of being involved with the rebellion.
      • 19th May- Elizabeth released.
      • 25th July- Mary marries Prince Philip of Spain.
      • Mary announces her pregnancy.
        • Phantom - possibly a tumor.
      • England forced to return to Roman Catholicism.
      • Protestants persecuted.
        • 300 burnt at the stake.
    • 1555
      • Accepts Princess Elizabeth as heir to the throne.
      • 16th October- The Protestant churchmen Latimer and Ridley are burnt at the stake.
      • Phillip II leaves Mary and returns to Spain.
    • 1556
      • 21st March- Thomas Cranmer, former Archbishop of Canterbury is burned at the stake.
    • 1557
      • 10th August- Battle of St. Quentin.
        • Spanish and English troops in alliance defeat the French.
    • 1558
      • 17th November- Mary I dies.


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