Lord of the flies context

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  • WW2
    • 'Lord of the Flies' context
      • Belief of innate evil
        • Golding believed that every human is born with a natural evil
        • Only rules and laws, which provide the threat of punishment, restrain the evil
        • If a civilised society is not in place the innate evil thoughts will be carried out
        • Since evil is natural in all humans, even children are capable of evil
        • Evil always triumphs over goodness - Simon's death
      • 'The Lord of the Flies'
        • Translation of Beelzebub
        • The beast is inside - all have a demon inside of us (evil)
        • Demon from the book of Genesis
      • Belief of savagery
        • Golding portrays the idea that humans can devolve
        • Charles Darwin's theory of evolution suggests that we have evolved from a primitive and animalistic background
        • Without authority and the restraints of civilisation humans will descent back into savagery, just as the boys do
        • Golding believed that when savagery battled against civilisation, savagery would always triumph
      • Experiences in Boys' school
        • Boys prefer to play games instead of work - lack of priorities (hunting over building shelters)
        • Golding realised how boys have a need for competition - Jack and Ralph's power battle
        • When left without authority, boys would 'act up' and bully each other
    • Europe - Nazi concentration camps (Ethnic cleansing)
    • Japan/South Pacific - Prisoner of war camps (brutality)
    • Golding's experiences in war - Fighter pilot in South Pacific
    • Allied forces dropping Atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki - killing civilians (Referenced by Piggy)
      • Masking actions (end of war) just like Jack's painted face
    • Evil and Brutality on both sides
    • The aftermath of concentration camps was most influential in Golding's writing




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