Lord of the Flies Context Points

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  • Lord of the Flies Context
    • Novel written just after WW2, published during Cold War.
    • Original Sin
      • Golding believed in this
      • We are all capable of evil, we just need to be put in certain conditions.
      • The Beast symbolises the evil within each of us
    • Social Conditioning
      • Golding believed it was this that stopped us committing evil acts.
      • Roger - throws stone to miss
      • Jack can't kill pig
    • Teacher at an all boys school
      • G was aware of mob mentality
        • How boys behave when left alone as a group.
      • Aware of boys potential to turn to violence and bullying
    • Post WW2 Britain
      • People fearful of nuclear warfare
      • Sense of Britishness, not being 'savages'
      • Piggy's Aunt is the only female voice in the novel
        • Time when women's voices were struggling to be heard?
    • WW2: Discrimination of the weak
    • 1940s/50s Schooling
      • Could be strict, punishments harsh.
      • Children aware of social background and hierarchys
        • Ralph and Jack = middle class
        • Piggy = lower class
    • Hitler
      • Jack echoes his dictator style
        • Neglects littluns
    • Diplomacy
      • Conch represents it
      • See the importance over keeping democracy over dictatorship in Piggy's murder
    • Religion
      • Simon - Jesus
      • Lord of the Flies - Beelzebub - The Devil
    • Coral Island


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