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Christian and Jewish beliefs about God, how people experience God

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  • Looking for meaning
    • Christian beliefs about God (and Jesus where stated)
      • Symbolism is where an item represents something else. Christians use symbols and pictures to help them understand and explain God, represent Jesus and the religion.
      • One god, three aspects. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.
      • A good anology is the idea of water, a solid (ice), a liquid (water), ,a gas (steam), each is different but still water.
      • God is  - Omnipotent - all powerful, Omniscience - all knowing, Loving, The creator, infinite and eternal, ever-present, Judge
      • Jesus came to teach people abut God.
      • Death wasn't the end for Jesus, he rose from the dead on the 3rd day, this is resurrection.
    • Jewish beliefs about God
      • Only one God - impossible to describe in words.
      • Jews believe; God is eternal, beyond time and space, God desn't have a physical body and is everywhere at all times (Omni-present), God is the creator of the world and everything in it, God has a purpose for the world, God is completely god and completely loving, God is all powerful and all knowing, God judges each indivudual.
    • How do people experience God?
      • Worship - man religious believers feel they have a direct relationship with God through Worship
      • Inner feeling - feeling that God's there helping and supporting
      • Act of Benevolence - act of generosity. Prayer - direct communication with God
      • Natural Beauty and Wonder - God is involved in the beautiful things in nature, Reading Sacred Texts, Miracle
      • Worship - experiencing God, Preaching and Teaching - sharing the faith, Vocation - job or mnastic calling, Pilgrimage - Special journeys, Changing lifestyle - way of live, Service and commitment - serving others, Acts of kindness - charity
      • Awe - a sense of fear, completely overwhelmed by sense of God's presence, struck by the beauty f something that you're left breathless and speechless, filled with amazement or wonder that you feel humble and  insignificant.
      • Revelation - something shown or explained that was previously hidden, something which enables others to learn more, taking away whatever hides knowledge and understanding about something.


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