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  • Social support & LOC
    • Social support
      • Conformity
        • can help people resist conf.
        • dissenter reduces - Asch
      • Obedience
        • can help resist obed
        • if someone else disobeys we are free to act on our own conscience
    • LOC
      • Internal: things that happen to you are controlled by yourself
      • External: things happen due to luck or things out of their control
      • Continuum - there is a range between internal and external
      • internal are more likely to resist social influence - more self confident and less need for social approval
    • Evaluation
      • Research support : obed
        • Milgram put a participant w a disobeying confederate and obedience dropped to 10%
      • Contradictory research
        • Twenge found from 1960 to 2002, people have become more resistant to obey but more external
      • Limitations of LOC
        • Rotter points out that our behaviour is more reliant on our past experience of conforming or obeying in that previous situation
      • Research support : conf
        • Asch added dissenter to group and conformity dropped dramatically


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