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  • Lipids
    • Triglyceride (mainly used as energy storage molecules)
      • One molecule of glycerol with three fatty acid tails
      • Tails make it insoluble in water as they are hydrophobic
        • Tails are hydrocarbon
      • Tails contain a lot of chemical energy - lots released - more energy per gram in comparison to carbohydrate
    • Cholesterol
      • Hydroxyl group
      • Slightly soluble in water (polar hydroxyl) but insoluble in blood - lipoproteins
      • Fit between phospholipid in membranes
        • MORE RIGID
      • Steroids, bile
    • Phospholipids (in cell membrane)
      • Hydrophobic tail
      • Hydrophilic phosphate head
        • As it is ionised
      • Forms bilayer
        • Centre of bilayer is hydrophobic


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