Link between religion and morality

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  • link between religion and morality
    • key concepts
      • is it possible to be religious but not moral?
      • is it possible to be moral but not religious?
      • what is the relationship between God and goodness?
      • is there a supreme moral law-giver?
      • if God does not exist then is everything permissible?
    • Aquinas
      • based on Plato's eternal forms
      • the human mind is aware of goodness which is a copy of an external unseen reality
        • a reflection of the perfect goodness of God
        • god being perfect in goodness is also perfect in existence
        • Gods moral perfection is therefore evidence for his existence
    • Euthyphro dilemma
      • first position
        • does God command X because it is good?
        • goodness exists as something seperate from God
          • God cannot bring goodness into being
            • limited view of God, not all-poweful
        • what if God does not expressly give a command?
        • is anything God commands a moral law?
        • non-believes act moral without reference to God
      • second position
        • Or is X good because God commanded it?
        • God is direct source of moral knowledge
        • nothing can be good unless God commands it
        • "why is God good?" - 2because he obeys his own commands" - very limited view of God
        • God makes the commands as an omnipotent creator, without him there would be no right or wrong
        • if God simply commands good, where did morality origionally come from?
        • Does God operate to moral laws already in the universe?
          • is God limited by these laws- is he therefore God at all?


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