• what is the process
  • what are the uses
  • thermal decompostion
  • slaked lime, quick lime, lime water, etc
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  • Limestone
    • Calcium Carbonate
      • When heated, it breaks down
        • Calcium Oxide
          • Quicklime
            • Yellow when hot, white when cold
            • Limestone (heat)--> Quicklime + Carbon Dioxide
            • Reacts with water to form Calcium Hydroxide
              • Slaked Lime
                • A white powder
                • Used to make Limewater
                • Quicklime + water --> Slaked Lime
                • Used in building work
        • Carbon Dioxide
          • Test for Carbon Dioxide is: Limewater turns cloudy
        • This is called Thermal Decomposition
          • Equation for Thermal Decomposition of Calcium Carbonate: CaCO3 (heat)---> CaO + CO2
    • Uses
      • Used to make Mortar
      • Used to make Cement
      • Used to make Concreate
      • Used to make Glass
      • Used to neutralize acidic soil for crops and lakes
      • Used to Purify Iron in blast furnaces
      • Ingredient of toothpaste
  • is basically
  • which is basically




very helpful. better if you added advantages and disadvantages of limestone

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