light vs electron microscope

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  • light vs electron microscope
    • Electron Microscope
      • use beams of electron with a very short wavelength meaning the resolution is higher
      • sample needs to be 'ultra thin' so the electrons can pass through
      • specimen needs to be dead as it needs to be stained by heavy metals and sliced very thinly
      • scanning electron microscope- specimen prepared in the same way
        • however electrons are reflected from the surface producing a 3d image
      • transmission electron microscope- specimen must be covered in dark resin to produce a solid block
        • electrons are focused by electromagnets onto a fluorecent screen or photographic film
    • light microscope
      • can only distinguish between 2 objects that are only 0.2 nano meters apart
      • limited magnification of 1500x
      • can view living specimens
      • colors and dyes can be used to make structures more visible
      • image is in color


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