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  • Lifetyle factors which impact on health
    • Alcohol consumption
      • If consumed excessively, it can cause health concernss
        • Malnutrition
        • Cirrhosis
          • Caused by the prolonged abuse of alcohol
          • Causes liver failure or death
        • Stroke
          • sudden and severe distruption of blood flow to the brain caused by dead tissue cells
        • Depression
          • Can be caused when someone becomes dependant on alcohol
      • If consumed in moderation, it can be beneficial to health
        • Reduces the risk of heart disease
      • The recommended daily allowance is 3-4 units for men and 2-3 units for women
    • Stress
      • Stress is a physiological and mental response stressors which occur in our envioronemt
        • Stress exposes your body to excess levels of stress hormones. These hormones lower your bodies resistance to disease, increasing your chance of disease
          • Stroke, can be caused by stress as stress causes hypertension. People with a high blood pressure are more at risk of suffering a stroke
          • Stress is a contributing factor to suffering a heart attack as it increases the risk of coronary heart disease
    • Physical activity
      • recommendations and guidelines
        • it is reccomended to benefit from exercise come from doing at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise at least 5 days a week
        • Performing short bursts of exercise can make it easier to reach daily physical target
        • People who are overweight or obese are recommended to increase thier daily exercise time
      • Benefits
        • Physical
          • Increases flexibility
          • Bones become stronger
        • Social
          • reduces isolation
          • Improves social skils
        • Economic
          • Reduces health costs
          • Enhances productivity
        • Psychological
          • Relives stress
          • Boosts self esteem
          • Reduces the risks of diet related diseases
    • Diet
      • Consuming a good diet is beneficial to health. A good diet includes a balanced diet which includes the recommended taily alloawance
        • Decreases  risk of getting chronic diseases as eating well improves  immune system function
        • Increases your energy and vitality
        • Prevents weight gain as well as contracting a chronic disease to some degree
      • Consuming a bad diet, affects your health in a negative way
    • Smoking
      • Contains nicotine
        • Nicotine is a drug which causes adiction
        • It increases the heart rate and blood pressure
      • Contains Tar
        • Contains carcinogens,chemicals which can cause cancer
      • Increase the risk of health diseases such as, coronary heard disease, cancer and lung infections
        • Coronary heart disease is the  disease caused by a deposition of fatty substance in the coronary arteries,this reduces reduction of blood flow to the heart through the coronary arteries.


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