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  • Liberal Democracy: a contradiction in terms?
    • NO
      • Democracy complements individualism, allowing individuals to shape their lives via the ballot box.
      • Democracy complements 'government by consent'.
      • Democracy helps to avoid the concentration of political power.
      • Democracy is optimistic about human nature: it presupposes an intelligent electorate, capable of rational decisions.
    • YES
      • Democracy tends to be guided by majorities. Therefore threatens some with the 'tyranny of the majority'.
      • Classical liberals tended to favour a limited electorate, so to safeguard property rights.
      • John Stuart Mill thought votes should be given to only those with formal and appropriate education.
        • University students should get two votes.
      • Modern liberals flirt with supranational bodies like the European Union, where there is a 'democratic deficit'.
      • Liberals seek to mitigate democracy's effects via assorted constitutional devices (e.g. Bill of Rights and the Supreme Court).


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