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  • Can liberalism be reconciled to conservatism?
    • NO
      • Liberals have an optimistic view of human nature; conservatives are sceptical.
      • Liberals see rationalism's central to human behaviour; conservatives stress habit, emotion and instinct.
      • Liberals prioritise individual liberation; conservatives stress order and restraint.
      • Liberals see individuals as potentially autonomous, conservatives see individuals as communal.
      • Liberals extol free-market capitalism; traditional conservatives are more sceptical and protectionist.
    • YES
      • Liberalism and conservatives support private property and capitalism.
      • Liberals and conservatives see inequality of outcome as a sign of liberty.
      • Liberals and conservatives deny the inevitability of class conflict.
      • Modern liberals and conservatives support gradual reform and reject revolution.
      • Neo-liberals and New Right conservatives reject Keynesian economics and champion a more laissez-faire economy.


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