Les intouchables

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  • Les Intouchables- Scenes
    • Opening Scene
      • Driss doesn't look the type to drive a good car
      • Creates suspense
      • Comedy music at the end- light hearted
    • Interview scene
      • Contre plongee
        • Shows the difference between Driss and the others
      • Des œufs' de fabergé - wealth
      • Other candidates don't understand what it's like to be disabled
        • Talk about Phillipe as though he can't understand
        • Discrimination- modern day society
      • Driss and Phillipes conversation
        • Misunderstanding of cultures
          • Thought that composers were buildings
    • Driss' area
      • Very grey,  small gardens
      • Plan d'ensemble
        • Buildings are intimidating
      • Large family in one flat
      • Driss' friends
        • Dark, somber music
        • Eating fast food in the street
        • Verlan
    • Phillipes house
      • Large gates, many cars, people working in the house
      • Light music in the background
      • Lots of ar Diffrent culturest
      • Tries to get Driss to open up
    • Art galllery
      • Plan moyen
        • Eiffel Tower
        • Gallery
        • Driss dressed very differently
      • Expensive paintings- Phillipe is very interested, Driss- not as much
    • Cafe on the night walk
      • Phillipe opens up
        • Tells Driss about his wife
      • Phillipe shares his secrets- miscarriage - Une fausse couche
      • Driss doesn't open up, just listens- still reserved
    • Opera
      • In German- Driss doesn't understand
        • Likely that Phillipe will
      • Driss doesn't stay quiet and have the same feelings about opera that the others around him have
    • Going to the country side
      • Un travelling
        • Both have oproblems
        • Escaping something
        • Echapper le metreo-boulot-dodo
      • Plan moyen
        • looking at the mountains
          • Le vu incroyable
          • On va respirer un peu
          • Driss has never seen this before





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