Intouchables character analysis

character analysis of Driss from intouchables

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    • Young black Senegalese man
      • Lives in a rough area of Paris
        • Social injustice
          • View that people from rough areas are trouble
      • Apprentions from Philipe's family.
    • Ex con-man
      • Goes to the job interview to be able to claim unemployment benefits
        • Doesn't think he's going to get the job
    • Has a rough relationship with his aunty at the beginning of the film
      • Steals Philipe's stone egg, which was a gift from his deceased wife. Philipe knows he took it but doesnt say anything until the near end of the film
      • Was adopted by his aunty and uncle because they couldn't have kids
    • Reluctant to complete certain tasks required for Philipe's health and well-being i.e. put his stockings on.
      • Grows as an individual and stops caring about what others think of him
        • He refuses to be seen in the silver "van" to drive Philipe around, but by the end of the film, doesn't care about being seen driving it in his area
    • -Ca ne vous genes pas d'etre un assisté? De vivre sur les dos des autres?
      • Philipe asking Driss how he feels about living off people's backs (claiming benefits)
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