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  • Chapter 8
    • human rights act
      • it was passed in 1998 and came into force in 2000
      • the act brought together pieces of human right legislation and enabled UK citizens easier access to the European court of human rights
      • legislation is law passes by parliament
      • 1. right repetition
    • magmacarta -  established basic legal  rights of king john and the people of England in 1215. the 3 rights are 1. the right to free trial 2. the use of juries 3. not being arrested without reason
    • rights
      • political rights are women aloud to vote
      • religious rights are Male roman catholics where ownly given vote in 1829, and in 1832 tge first major reform of who could vote
      • welfare rights are certain services and benerfits e.g nhs
      • economic rights to fom and join a trade union
      • personal rights are equal pay for men and women


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