Legal Controls that Govern Recruitment

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  • Legal Controls that Govern Recruitment
    • Race
      • All races are equal.
      • Conditions apply to Irish travellers in N.I.
      • Employer is liable if any discrimination is ignored in their firm
      • If particular racial group is required e.g. Asian model
      • Welfare Services
      • Private Household
      • Small businesses with less than 6 employees
    • Religion
      • All religious groups are equal
      • Workplace is a neutral area e.g. no flags
      • Employer must register with equality commission if there are more than 10 employees
      • Firms must submit information about religious make up of workplace
      • Any occupation where the nature of the job requires a person of a particular belief
    • Gender
      • Men and women are treated equally.
      • Equal opportunities in promotion
      • Ads for jobs should not include either sex
      • Men and women should have equal pay for equal work
      • If married or pregnant there should be no discrimination
      • Sexual harrassment is unlawful
      • Employer is liable if employees are discriminated against on grounds of gender
    • Disability
      • Disabled people must have the same opportunites as others.
      • They should not be treated less favourably in conditions of service
      • Adjustments should be made to buildings e.g. ramps/lifts





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