Lederberg and Tatum

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  • Lederberg and Tatum- E.coli
    • Lederberg observed that bacteria produced clones of itself down the generations.
      • He teamed up with Tatum to test his hypothesis that bacteria passed on bacteria across generations, this was a different means of variation other than mutation
        • They used 2 different strains of E.coli crown in  mediums containing nutrients. Neither strain could grow with the basic nutrients that were in the medium.
          • Strain 1could not synthesis the amino acid Methionine and the vitamin biotin, so could not grow.
            • Strain 2 could not synthesis Threonine and Leucine so could not grow.
              • They mixed the 2 strains then grew them on a medium containing all missing supplements.
                • The bacteria where then removed by centrifugation and washed .
                  • They were then transferred into 2 mediums with either all the supplements or minimal supplements.
                    • Though the bateria did not grow 1 in 10 million did divide and develop into a colony.
                      • This was used as proof of conjugation.


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