Learning theory explanations for attachment

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  • Learning theory explanations for attachment
    • Attachment
      • Learning theory: Infants are not born with an ability to develop attachments, they learn attachments because of food
      • Evolutionary theory: Tendency to form attachments is innate, tendency in both mothers and infants
    • Learning theory
      • Classical conditioning: Learning through association, automatically connecting one thing with another
      • Operant conditioning: Learning through reinforcement, you learn through the consequences of behaviour
    • Classical conditioning
      • Food automatically makes baby happy- no longer hungry
      • Mother keeps feeding baby, baby associates mother with good feelings
      • Whenever baby sees mother, automatically feel happy
    • Operant conditioning
      • Baby cries in response to feelings of discomfort e.g. hunger
      • Reward: PR (food)
      • Baby likely to repeat crying


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