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  • Lay Magistrates Training
    • The JSB is responsible for overseeing the training of the Magistrates nationally. In each court area, the Justices Clerk is responsible for providing training.
    • 1 Initial Training
      • a new Magistrate will undergo inductor training on the basics of the role. After this they will sit in court with two other experienced magistrates.
    • 2. Mentoring
      • Each new Magistrate has a specially trained mentor to guide them through their first months. The mentors will review their learning progress and talk over any training needs.
    • 3. Core Training
      • Over the first year, further training, visits to prisons and observations take place.
    • 4. Consolidation Training
      • They undergo this at the end of the first year.
        • This is designed to help them to plan for their on-going development and prepare for their first appraisal.
    • 5. First Appraisal
      • 12-18 months after appointment, when the mentor and magistrate agree they are ready, the new justice is appraised. A specially trained Magistrate will sit as part of the bench observing whether the new magistrate is doing it well.
    • 6. Appraisals
      • They then follow appraisals after one year; update training and continuation training every three years.
    • 7. Further training
      • there will be further training if a lay justice takes on new responsibilities such as becoming a chair person.


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