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  • Larkin poems- Dreams and Reality
    • Essential Beauty- Alliterative, shows a locked past life and equally shows a need for materialistic goods the so many people seem to value
      • Structure- ABACBDDECFEGFHHG
    • Love songs in age- Personification of music sheets. A woman rediscovers old music sheets making her remember her youth and therefore the hope she felt
      • Reality dissapoints our romantic view of love
        • Structure- ABACBCDD
          • Untitled
    • Wild Oats- He's clinging onto something that was never his.
      • Settles for the lesser of the two girls believing that he is not good enough for the 'English rose'
        • Sructure- Irregular rhyme scheme which could possibly mirror Larkins unsure view on how to behave towards women


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