Language Devices English

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  • Language Devices
    • Directly addressing the reader
      • This engages the reader
        • Therefore retains their interest and concentration because the info seems relevant to them
    • Indirect involvement with the reader
      • Requires the reader to think about a time when the issue affected them
        • Or to imagine the issue affecting them
    • Emotive Language
      • Words or phrases are selected to create a a certain type of emotional reaction in the reader
        • Engages the reader with the topic being considered
    • Graphic Language
      • Paints a picture for the reader
        • May be used to generate anger, fear, pity or whatever
          • Metaphors paint pictures for the reader and say a lot through their connections
    • Rapport with readers
      • Using words to create a bond with the reader creates the illusion that the writer is on the same side as the reader
        • Makes it more difficult to disagree with the writer
    • Repitition
      • The conscious repeated use of words creates drama and impact


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