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English Language
Paper 1…read more

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Techniques/ Devices Used In Non
Fiction And Media Texts
English Language Paper 1 Section A…read more

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Narrative Voice- use of first person- effect of voice
sharing with reader. 3rd person= impersonal tone,
· Address- 2nd personal pronoun- direct address-
personal touch
· Connotations- hidden meanings or associations
· Emotive language- to make the reader feel.…read more

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Exaggeration/Hyperbole- persuasion, for emphasis
· Rhetorical question- to make the reader consider
the issue
· Alliteration- makes a group of words stand out
· Triplet- emphasis
· Repetition- emphasis
· Juxtaposition ­ shows contrast between 2 ideas…read more

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Evidence REMEMBER!!!
For every technique or To me- Link is the most
device used apply peel important- link every
to it, don't just mention point you make back to
it, get the marks by the question being asked.
explaining the use of it…read more


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