Labour (1987 - 1992)

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  • Labour 1983 - 1992
    • Neil Kinnock
      • leader 1983 - 1992
      • he replaced Foot as leader in 1983 & aimed to modernise the party
      • he faced a tough challenge from the Lib/SDP
      • he was also threatened by the hard left in the party - dubbed the 'loony left' by the tabloids
      • the decline of working class unemployment also deprived Lab.  of traditional support
    • Labour's Militants
      • La. had been infiltrated by a trotskyist faction called 'militant'
      • some militants took control of Labour-run local councils  like Liverpool
      • they had hijacked the Lab. party from within
      • Kinnock's chief target was the militant Derek Hatton
        • he had become deputy leader of Liverpool
      • other prominent figures were Rather Scargill & 'Red Ken' Livingstone
    • Labour (1983 - 1987)
      • Kinnock gave half-hearted support to the miners during the 1984/5 strike
      • he began the explosion process of militants esp. from the Liverpool branch
      • Peter Mandelson was appointed to manage the party's image better
        • Lab. was rebranded
      • they fought a slick election in 1987 but still lost heavily to Thatcher
    • Ideology
      • there were some differences in ideology
      • some were diverted away from the party by single issues
        • e.g the Greenham Women campaigning against cruise missiles or the environment
      • Europe was another issue that divided the party with Tony Benn campaigning against the issues & Roy Jenkins & Dennis Healey equally enthusiastic
    • Labour (1987 - 1992)
      • Lab. reduced the Cons. majority to just 21 seats in the 1992 election
        • this was Lab's 4th defeat & Kinnock resigned as leader
      • after the 1987 defeat more radical changes were adopted
        • e.g the nuclear disarmament policy was ditched after 1987
          • Cold War ended 1989 so less of an issue anyway
      • despite the lead in the opinion polls, Lab. failed to win the 1992 election


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