Labour 1992-1997

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  • Labour 1992-1997
    • John Smith 1992 - 1997
      • Neil Kinnock resigned as leader in 1992 following the 1992 GE defeat
        • he modernised policies & expelled 'militants' but lost 2 elections
          • 1987 & 1992
      • Kinnock was replaced by John Smith who continued to modernise Lab.
      • he introduced 'one member, one vote' thus reducing the power of the TUs to decide Lab. policy
      • Smith died of a heart attack in 1994
      • Blair elected leader
    • Tony Blair v Gordon Brown
      • the 1994 contest to succeed John Smith came down to Blair v. Brown
      • Brown agreed to not stand against Blair
      • in exchange, it is widely believed that Blair agreed to hand over to Brown within 5 years
    • Blair as Opposition Leader (1994 - 1997)
      • he continued to modernise Labour
      • he re-wrote Clause IV of the party's constitution
        • abandoning the idea of nationalisation


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