ELSS L15 - Monitoring Variation in the Water Cycle

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  • Monitoring methods - WATER CYCLE
    • Arctic sea ice
      • NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS). Satellites have monitored sea ice growth and retreat since 1978.
      • Measures microwave energy radiated from Earth's surface.
      • Comparison of time series images to show changes.
    • Ice caps/glaciers
      • As well as ground based estimates of mass balance, satellite tech is used e.g. ICESat-2.
      • Measures surgace height of ice sheet and glaciers using laser technology.
      • Shows extent and volume of ice and changes.
    • Sea surface temperatures
      • NOAA Satellites.
      • Radiometers measure the wave band of radiation emitted from the ocean surface.
      • Changes in global sea surface temperatures and areas of up-welling and down-welling.
    • Water vapour
      • NOAA polar orbiters.
      • Measures cloud liquid water, total precipitable water etc.
      • Long-term trends in cloud cover and water vapour in the atmosphere.


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