KT4 Other protest movements

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  • KT4- Other Protest Movements in 1960's
    • Why the 60's
      • Parents couldn't control teens
      • Swinging 60's
      • People became involved in music and drugs
      • Record numbers attended University
    • Student Protests
      • 'Turn on, tune in, drop out'
      • Main group of protestors were the SDS covering the CRM and Vietnam war
      • Hippie movement taught 'freedom and love'
      • Students protested against the runninhg of Universities
    • How did students protest?
      • protests often lasted several days
      • they used the same tactics as the CRM
      • Started peacefully became more violent
      • Burnt draft cards and destroyed buildings
    • Kent State Shootings
      • started peacefully became violent and National Guard became involved
      • 4 were killed, 9 were injured
      • Shootings took pplace on teh 3rd day
      • 4th May 1970
      • International media coverage
    • Position of women 1960's
      • 1963, Betty Frierdan published 'feminine mystique'
      • Stereotypical housewife image existed they were unequal
      • Began to campaign for more independance
    • Womens Liberation Movement
      • 1963 equal pay act
      • National Organisation of women
      • Was not very sucessful due to the CRM and Vietnam war


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