william blake themes

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  • Key Themes in Blake's Poetry
    • Religion
      • Blake's attitude to the Christian beleif about future life.
      • The distortion of Christian beleifs to restrict and supress.
      • The effects of 'the fall'
    • Freedom/ Restriction
      • Parental care and authority
      • The nature of authority
      • The effect of 'fallness' on repression of sexuality and other feelings.
    • Visions
    • Exploitation
      • Attitudes to the Body and the life of the senses.
    • The Nature of Innocence
      • The vulnerability of innocence
    • The Nature of Experience
    • Childhood
      • The perception of children.
    • How the Human Mind sees the Nature of the World and its Creator
    • God in man's image
    • Nature
    • Change
    • Community


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