KEY THEMES from 1588-1629

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  • KEY THEMES from 1588-1629
      • 1625- needs £2million for war parliament vote £250,000, only vote t and p for a year. 1626 city merchants wont lend him money, dont vote any subsidies leading to- 1627- forced loan, 5 knights case, £350,000 raised through sale of crown lands.
      • wardrobe increases from £10k 1603, to £36k in 1610
      • crown expenditure peaks in 1614 at £522k. Cockayne project destroys cloth trade.
      • The grea contract offers £200,000 but J refuses. Household expedinture doubles. J gives away £36000 in last 2 months.
      • impositions bringing in £70k by 1608.
      • Very prudent with money. reign began with revenue of £200k, small reserve of £300k in 84, 93 bacons outburst, 1601 monopolies 'looked into'. naval expeditions rarely brought anything.
      • Had to borrow £1million from abroad for war.
      • SPAIN- 87 Cadiz expedition success, 88- success against armada, 89 counter armada failed £100k and 11,000 men,
      • Ireland- tyrones rebellion in 1595 lost blackwater fort, essex failed, but mountjoy v successful in 1603. three key tactics, old englihs in the pale, garrison strategic bases, and colonisation.
      • treaty of london 1604- ended war. 1618- 30 years way breaks out, but j only involved in 1624.
      • by 1608 Ireland had cost J £600,000
      • 1613- Beati Pacifici
      • SPAIN- 1625 failed Cadiz cost £250,000, Manfield (Holland) lost 40,000 men. Buckinghams death in1628 made Charles lose any drive.
      • France- war began in 1627. Failures in Ile de Re 6000 troops went to waste, La Rochelle lost entirely and city surrended in 28. Buckinghams death improved relations as HM and C grew closer.
      • mainly good relations; essex created factions, but E manipulated them. Some anger over monopolies, and ship tax in 1601.
      • various clashes. 1604-buckinghamshire (p decide own mebership) shirely case ( p free from arrest) and the apology (never given to james),1607 union dropped though caused a rift,finances a major issue.
      • 1614- addled parliament v tense over impositions and bad elections.
      • 1621- bacon impeached, 1622 protestation ripped out and and parliament dissolved, 1624 cranfield impeached.
      • 1625- dont vote tonnage and poundage, 1626-martial law complained about, buckingha almost impeached. 1627- 5 knights case over impostituons= bad rep for king. 1628-petition or right includes loans, martial law. buckigham is murdered, creating huge rift. absolutist state attempt with german mercenaries???
      • 1629- eliot hold down speaker and excalims three rsolutions. cahrles dissolves parliament and starts self rule.
      • Catholic- 69 northern rebellion, 70 excommunicated, 71 ridolfi, 83 throckmorton, 86 babington, 88 armada!!
      • Puritan- strickland new prayer 71, 72 admonition, 76 wentworth clerical abuses, 84 turner calvainistic gov hatton, 88-marprelate tracts.
      • catholic- 1605 gunpowder plot
      • 1604 hampton court- puritans annoyed as james kept bishops, book of sports 1619 annoyed because sports were banned??
      • rise of armenian factions irritated puritans e.g. henrietta maria marriage in 1625, sibthorpe speech 27, laud to london 28, montague chichester 29
      • Burghley, leicester (replaced by essex),Raleigh, Walshingham and Robert cecil.
      • Carr knighted in 07, and down by 1616 (overbury scandal)
        • Buckingham rises in 1613.
      • Buckingham has huge influence over foreign policy and patronage. Many enemies. Almost impeached in 1626, murdered in 1628.




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