keat's tragedy

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  • keat's tragedy
    • La Belle Dame Sans Merci
      • 'oh what can ail thee night at arms
      • 'alone and palely loitering'
      • '... full beautiful - a faery's child'
      • 'and her eyes were wild'
      • '... and sing a faery's song'
      • '... honey-wild, and manna-dew'
      • 'and there she lulled me asleep'
      • 'i saw pale kings and princes too, pale warriors'
      • 'they cried 'la belle dame sans merci hath thee in thrall''
      • 'alone and palely loitering, and no birds sing'
    • the pot of basil
      • 'poor simple Isabel'
      • 'oh may i never see another night, lorenzo, if thy lips breathe not love's tune'
      • 'his heart beat awfully against his side'
      • 'my soul is to doom'
      • 'know there is richest juice in poison flowers'
      • 'once proud-quivered loins did melt in blood from stinging whip'
      • 'and all went naked to the hungry shark'
      • 'the seal on the cold ice with piteous bark lay full of darts'
      • 'twas their plan to coax her by degrees to some high noble and his olive trees'
      • 'to kill lorenzo, and there bully him'
      • 'they passed the water into the forest quiet for slaughter'
      • 'they dipped their swords in the water'
      • 'lorenzo had taken ship for foreign lands'
      • 'every night in dreams they groaned aloud'
      • 'the dull of midnight ... lorenzo stood'
      • 'it's eyes, though wild, were still dewy bright with love'
      • 'i forget the taste of earthly bliss'
      • 'sweet spirit, thou hast schooled my infancy'
      • 'pale limbs at the bottom of a crystal well'
      • 'they cut away no formless monsters head'
      • 'she calmed its wild hair ... she kissed and wept'
      • 'sweet basil, which her tears kept ever wet'
      • 'she forgot the stars, the moon, the sun'
      • 'thick, and green, and beautiful it grew'
      • 'she withers like a palm'
      • 'yet they contrived to steal the basil pot'
      • 'the thing was vile with green and livid spot'
      • 'away they went, with blood upon their heads'
      • 'and so she died forlorn'
      • 'o cruelty, to steal my basil pot away from me'


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