Karl Marx + Religious Experiences

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    • religious experiences originate from society; reflect culture you are raised in
      • explains why Christians see the Virgin Mary & Hindus see Shiva
      • religion is a form of oppression; leads to alienation of one's true self
        • God distracts people from their own reality; should we indulge in R/E?
        • there have been positive changes in society that are influenced by religion- it might not oppress society
          • Martin Luther King Jrn- fought  for civil rights using christian teachings of equality & peace
          • ideas of Marx caused suffering when put into practice as seen in Russia when under Lenin
    • Marx's ideas make us question whether are visions/voices from god?
      • Teresa of Avila: criteria to evaluate experiences- does experience fit in with christian churches or go against them? does the experience leave the person feeling as peace and with god?
        • just because  a voice fits in with church teachings does not mean it is god rather than their own mind
          • but how do we explain conversion experiences of individuals such as Nicky Cruz: when participating in the robbery of a church he felt a compulsion to convert
            • Caroline Franks: compulsion to convert=  regenerative Experience
    • cannot ignore our developing knowledge of mental illness and they way this affects our understanding of R/E
      • such events are now classified as delusions seen in illnesses such as Schizophrenia
      • R/E - similar to hallucinations caused by drugs e.g LSD
        • no evidence to prove that every person who has had a R/E was under the influence & to do so would be an unreasonable pressumption


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