war and conflicted poems

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  • kamikaze
    • family
      • rebeated mention of members of the familie.
      • "my mother never spoke again in his presents."
        • structure: this is written in first person where as through out the rest of the poem when she talking about her father it is written in third person this shows how she is ashamed of him and doesn't want to be associated with him
          • showing the distance between the family and the father. He is also not named throughout, showing he is only stranger to his family.
        • he was subject to face a lot of disgrace and disrespect from his family members and neighbour.
    • conflict
      • conflict between cultural expectation of a man and his conscious. wanted to come home as to much pressure was put on him.
    • context
      • post-war japans society was very rigid socially, with extremely strict and complex rules governing many social exchange.
      • betrice garland is a oxford born poet
      • kamikaze means a japanies suicide bomber, they would crash into enemy ship in ww1
      • characters in poem               grandfather (a fisherman)      father (piolet)    daughter (narrator)          children (being told the story)
    • culture/ society
    • power of memorie
    • single event has a long term effect
    • structue
      • "shoals of fish flashing silver as there bellies swivel toward the sun"
        • the fish could be seen as the planes flying away.
      • "her father embarked at sunrise"
        • The poem is a dramatic monologue which begins abruptly. This has the effect of a ‘hook’, drawing the reader into the story
        • sunrise" shows new day, referring to the beginning of the end.sunrise" shows new day, referring to the beginning of the end.sunrise" shows new day, referring to the beginning of the end.
        • “embarked” has two meanings here: to set off in his plane, and to start a new chapter, or a new challenge.
        • The choice of the word ‘sunrise’ could also refer to the location. Japan is known as the land of the rising sun, and that could perhaps be referenced in this quote, as much of Japanese WW2 propaganda featured this ‘rising sun’. This makes it link to Japan’s military flag, which depicts the “rising sun,” reflecting the fact that the power of nature is constantly conflicting with the power of man.
          • theme of nature
        • "sunrise" shows new day, referring to the beginning of the end.
    • poems to compare to and themes.
    • and beneath them
      • Beneath the surface of the sea, with its vivid colours and fishing boats, is yet another existance; that of the teeming life of the underwater world. This may be a metaphor for the inner life of the young men sent to war. Humans are deeper and have more complex emotions than the cold-hearted demands of Kamikaze suggest.
        • this is the theme of nature


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