War Photographer


War Photographer- Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy

Born in 1955

War Photographer is considered to be one of her early poems, being published over 30 years ago in 1985.

Carol Ann Duffy was friends with two respected war photographers, Don McCullin and Jones Griffitsh, who dedicated the majority of their careers to capturing the suffering of war on film for others to see.

The poem conveys the impossibility of presenting the horrors of war. What we see and the reality of conflict is a completely undesrtand the suffering of conflict through images, as photographs fade away and are not as poignant as first hand memories.

The poem depcits the return of a war photographer from conflict, who is seen to be deblping his images in a dark room, as he ponders over his memories of the suffering in the placs he vissited, and how the conflict will not be coveyed to the conflict as the reality is seen.

The photographers express the horror of war through photographs, but the impossibility is shown in the people unwilling to aknowledge the people suffering behind the superficial images.


The poem has a tight and controlled structure. This reflects the war photographer's job, who is attempting to impose control in order in his attempt for the public to understand the reality of the brutality of war. However suffering cannot be controlled in shuch an environment, which is a juxtaposition to the ordered structure which then higlights the chaos of war.

Throughout the poem it expresses the contrast of what we see as the public, and the reality of the suffering the people who seem so fa removed in the images society is shown. 

It shows how futile the war photograhers efforts are for his work to make an impact, as everything continues as it did before, and his efforts have not prompted…




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