Wolsey's domestic policy (justice)

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  • Justice
    • Appointment as lord chancellor in 1515
      • He was active in both star chamber and court of chancey
        • he presided over many cases in person
      • Wolsey sometimes used the courts to further his own position and carry out personal vendettas
        • Sir Amyas Paulet
      • Untitled
    • Anyone was able to bring their case to star chamber
      • it dealt with over 120 cases per year
        • he enjoyed championing the cause of poorer litigents
    • He promoted civil law over common law
    • Civil law was seen as more progressive, common law was outdated
    • Wolsey created further resentment through his work in star chamber
      • He sent nobles to prison
    • Wolsey's acheievements did not outlast him.
      • He failed to carry out any lasting institutional reform.


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