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  • Juries
    • Role
      • Last 2 weeks
      • Used in coroners court
      • Must be beyond all reasonable doubt
      • Used to decided verdict in Crown Court
      • Might be asked to leave so judge can decide a legal point
      • A juror can be held in contempt of court
      • Foreman speaks verdict
      • Bushells case (1670) allowed juries to be impartial  to create a fair verdict.
    • Qualification
      • The juries act 1974 sets out eligibility. 3 criteria
        • Registered on the electoral role
        • Above 18-below 70
        • Lived in the UK for 5 years above 13 years old
      • The Criminal Justice Act 2003 sets out who is disqualified from jury service
        • Served a prison sentence above 5 years- disqualified forever
        • Have a life sentence
        • Cant speak english
        • Served a prison sentence (less than 5 years-in the last 10 years)-disqualified for 10 years
        • Deaf
        • If you have a mental health disorder (kept in hospital)
        • If you're on bail
    • Selection
      • Deferrals
        • This changes the date of a trial within the next 12 months
        • Who can apply for a deferral:
          • Pre-booked holidays
          • Examinations
          • Planned surgery
          • Pregnant people
      • Excusals
        • This removes the name of the person off the register for 12 months
        • You can apply for an excusal if:
          • MP's
          • Religious beliefs affect service
          • Armed forces
          • Over 65
          • Jury duty in the last 2 years
      • A jury official will call 15 jurors to each courtroom and the names are put on cards, and the first 12 cards are the jurors for that trial.
      • Jury Vetting (checking)
        • CRB check as convictions may have been missed
        • Political vetting is to check for extremist political views. In cases of terrorism and must be authorised by attourney general
      • Challenges
        • For cause
          • An individual can be removed with a reason. Eg if defendant knows juror. R v Sprason (1995) wife of a prison officer
        • To the array
          • Removes the entire jury as it is bias in a certain way E.g Romford where 10 jurors lived 20 doors down.
        • Prosecutions right to stand by
          • A juror can be removed for no reason. By attorney general and limited to terrorism or national security
    • General info
      • Summoned by the jury central summoning bureau (JCSB)
      • Names selected from the electoral role
      • Around 500,00 jurors are summoned each year
      • Jurors find out from a letter in the post
      • Selected at random-for fairness


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